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Chaos Controlled Transactions

About Us

Carrie DeBoer, owner, loved real estate from an early age but couldn't see herself as a real estate agent. She obtained a BA in Professional Writing and used it to write grants and proposals for non-profits until the economy had a downturn. A few years later, she learned about real estate transaction coordination at a networking event and knew this what she was meant to do. She loves real estate, troubleshooting, systems, and seeing people get into homes. 

WE'LL GROW WITH YOU: We have plans in place to grow as you grow.

WE'LL MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE: Do you need a service that we don't offer? Talk to us! We'll do our best to accommodate you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does contract-to-close include?
  • Thoroughly review all deadlines and timelines
  • Send executed contract to all parties in the transaction
  • Confirm escrow deposit and obtain receipt
  • All parties contacted via an introduction by us as a member of “your” team by phone and e-mail
  • Setup/Confirm that inspections for both home and termite are scheduled within the time frame of contract and ensure all parties have been informed
  • Monitor repairs and collect receipts before closing
  • Obtain copies of deed restrictions/condo docs and confirm the buyer has received them
  • Make sure the buyer makes application and interview if required
  • Confirm approval is received by the title company
  • Confirm the buyer has made application
  • Make sure appraisal has been ordered
  • Follow-up with lender for appraisal results
  • Monitor underwriting process through receipt of loan commitment followed by the clear to close
  • Help get any details needed
  • Review title commitment
  • Acquire existing survey and title policy (if they exist and are still valid)Make sure new survey is ordered and elevation certificate if needed
  • Coordinate mail away closings
  • Make sure the home warranty is ordered either by the title company or us -send receipt to client
  • Ensure that all insurance related tasks are performed. For example: 4 point and Wind Mitigation
  • Make sure the buyer gets insurance quotes (home and flood) and it will be binding for closing date
  • Provide the title company and lender with all documentations and invoices
  • Provide Title Company with DA and final walk-thru form
  • Schedule final walk-thru
  • Coordinate closing time and place with all parties
  • Provide the seller and buyer contact information regarding turning on/off utilities
  • Send closing instructions to buyer and seller
  • Make certain that the lender’s closing documents are delivered to title company
  • Review the final CD and make sure all charges are correct
  • Confirm that buyer has received final amount due at closing or that the seller receives proceeds amount
  • Make sure there are keys and garage remotes at closing
  • Get client's forwarding address
  • Upload all closing docs into compliance system
  • Make sure checks are received

Services will vary depending on type of transaction (seller, buyer, or transaction broker)

What happens if the contract is cancelled? Is there a charge?

If the contract cancels, you are not responsible for any contract-to-close fees to Chaos Controlled Transactions. However, if cancelled transactions become a continued issue, Chaos Controlled Transactions reserves the right to charge an additional fee or discontinue service.

What are the agent responsibilities?
  • Provide fully executed contract, addendums, and contact information for all parties
  • Deliver escrow deposit to respective title company
  • Attend home/termite inspection
  • Meet appraiser if needed
  • Attend final walk through and closing
  • Take lockbox and sign off property
  • Collect your commission!
What does the listing service include?
  • Schedule sign ordering/installation
  • Schedule stagers/photos/organize photos
  • Write description of property
  • Upload listing into MLS and any other requested systems

If the home goes under contract within 30 days and you use Chaos Controlled Transactions for contract-to-close as well, the listing and contract services will be billed at closing. If Chaos Controlled Transactions is not doing the contract or the home is on the market for longer than 30 days, the agent will be billed through invoice.

How much do you charge?
  • Buyer or Seller Transaction: $295
  • Transaction Broker Transaction: $395
  • Listing services: $100
  • Social Media: $20/hour + $5/month for posting services per social media channel

Chaos Controlled Transactions requests payment be dispersed at closing. Other arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis. Depending on payment method, a convenience fee may be added. Please contact us for more information.

What are your hours?
    Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. We are also closed on any federal bank holiday. For fastest response times, please send us an email.
Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, I am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida. I do hold E&O insurance for $1,000,000 through Hiscox.
What programs are you familiar with?
I'm familiar with a variety of software programs including Skyslope, Command, Dotloop, etc. One of the things I am most proud of is that I pick up new software programs very quickly so if I haven't listed the program you use, no worries! I'll have it in no time!